Youth Learning Center

The Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village Youth Learning Center is an academic enrichment after-school program that provides educational opportunities to motivate, educate and challenge students to achieve their highest potential. In addition to tutoring and teaching core academic subject material, the center incorporates character education, recreational activities, and goal development to create well-rounded individuals. Each classroom maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio for high quality interaction among youth and adults.

Our goal is to work with the youth, their parents and the community to ensure students success. We are committed to creating a safe space and a atmosphere that will inspire a commitment to lifelong learning and will help every student to reach his or her fullest potential. We know that youth learn best in a environment f love, sharing, caring, laughing, questioning, risking and growing. We want all of our students to succeed!

The Youth Learning Center Vision

The vision of the Youth Learning Center is to provide a superior  educational experience in a diverse, family-oriented environment that meets all the academic, social, creative, emotional, and physical needs of the individual student.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all youth have the right to be educated in a safe, positive environment in which they are respected as unique individuals and are challenged to achieve their full potential. We also believe that youth must become literate and articulate, mathematically competent, technologically adept, and have the opportunity to develop their creative and physical talents and abilities. We recognize our responsibility to generate enthusiasm and excitement for the our youth by providing a curriculum that is relevant, integrated and age-appropriate.

We believe that our youth will quite naturally expand their understanding and knowledge of mathematics in a setting that cultivates an active, participatory approach to learning. The ability to analyze, evaluate and employ critical thinking skills in mathematics can only be developed when relevant life experiences require the consistent application of these skills.

We believe that the responsibility to support, encourage and nurture our youth is one we share as partners with parents, their schools, the community and all the partners that are invested in the success of the youth of flint, Michigan. We recognize the need to create a  culture that is committed to academic excellence and responsive to promoting individual growth and development. Our vision is based on preparing youth to function effectively in future classes; to think independently, critically and creatively; to become collaborating members of daily classroom activities; and most importantly, to become lifelong learners.

We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere that fosters the healthy emotional, intellectual, social, and physical growth of each student. We recognize mastery of basic skills as a primary goal. We acknowledge that we learn best in an environment of sharing, caring, laughing, questioning, risking, and growing. We want all youth to live, grow and have fun!

We offer the following educational services

  • Language Arts Enrichment: We will offer two (2) session per week taught under the supervision of a certified teacher. Programs will include reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary skills and interactive language arts engagement activities.

  • Community Tutoring: The Community Tutoring Center is a open session where youth can come to get help and assistance in any academic subject. The Mentor/Tutors may be peers, college students and/or adults from the professional workforce that is dedicating time and knowledge to promote academic excellence and provide mentorship. These sessions will last up to 45 minutes and are conducted under the supervision of a certified instructor.

  • Math Enrichment: Math Enrichment aims to reinforce skills learned in the past year while preparing students for success in the upcoming year. We will offer two (2) intense sessions per week taught under the supervision of a certified instructor. The Math Enrichment program will help students strengthen and apply math skills to everyday life through interactive applications and activities.

  • Youth Development and Entrepreneur Center: Youth will be immersed in topics and activities that build character and and prepare them for lifelong learning, college, and their career. We will offer two (2) intense sessions per week. Topics include: Healthy Body Healthy Minds, Career Opportunities, Success and Organization, Self Esteem, Life Skills, Leadership/Teamwork and Environmental Awareness. The program includes guest speakers and activities that rotate every month. 

  • After-School Programs: Our biggest program need is for volunteers to come in during the "Evening of Power" (4:30 - 7pm on Wednesdays) and assist elementary students with their homework. After the "Evening of Power" is complete, volunteers can also supervise and interact with kids during other programs such as cultural dance classes, the game room, sports programs, or continue helping members with their homework. Many of our programs are volunteer-run and the option to run a program is available as well if volunteers are qualified and can commit to a consistent schedule.

  • CollegeBound Mentoring: The Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village will offer mentoring programs for our youth members, we have partnered with professionals from various professional backgrounds in order to mentor at-risk Flint students. Many local students can be first generation college students and are in need of a role model who will encourage educational success. Sessions will only require two hours a week plus 'Community Service'  volunteer hours. Discussion material is provided.